LJ Userpics - 2019

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Free LJ User Pics - 2019
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Free LJ User Pics
This community came about because I was getting tired of spamming my friends list with User Pic posts I was creating.

This is purely for fun. Join to see what is available.


• This is a space to share icons/F.O. Banners you've created.

• All graphics posted are fair game to Everyone in the community.

• Crediting is not required unless specifically asked for in a post.

• Any explicit content (18+) must be under a cut.

• You can post icons from other communities (with permission) here, but you MUST give credit and link to said community.

• Both Icons & 'Friends Only' banners are allowed here.

• LJ's User Pic Specs are - Maximum : 100 x 100, and no larger than 40.0kb. (ezgif.com is a good online gif resizing tool)

• Be kind to people with limited bandwidth. More than 4 icons OR any Friends Only banners must go under a LJ-cut.

• Mistakes can happen. Please do let us know if there is any issue with a User Pic/F.O. Banner posted.

• No requesting. This is just a fun place to Share icons. There are other communities out there for icon requests.

Please Do Not :

• Harass, abuse, or troll any members. This is a friendly space, and we want to keep it that way. Play nice or you will get removed/banned.

• Steal icons from other communities to post here. If you didn't get permission, don't post it. If you're not sure if you have permission, don't post it.

• Hot Link. You must save images to your own computer.

• Take somebody's personal user icons without asking permission.

• Promote your own community/journal, or post off topic here.

Resources for making LJ icons:

icon_tutorial - Graphic-making tips, tutorials, FAQ, Q&A, and resources.
"How to Make Animated .gifs using Photoshop" (by skylilies in 2011)
"An Icon Tutorial" using GIMP (by inkvoices in 2013)
"Comprehensive Icon Making Guide" (by lunar47 in 2008)
There is also an Interest List for Icon Tutorials that might be useful as well.

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